July 6, 2010

Tracking the terrible 2's...

I am prepared for the worst through this milestone year and man is it already coming true!!! Adults being driven up the wall... who ever said its exaggeration.
My son has been demonstrating very strong points of view for a while now but with his 2nd birthday behind us suddenly he seems to assert his positions very firmly.

We had to equip him with rain-gear last evening when we went out for a stroll because he refused to be carried and insisted he wants to get wet!
The story doesn't end there; since now we were ready for the rain we were happy n filled with glee while getting wet and in the process our jammies got wet with the rain water that seeped in through the gum boots. Finally when it was time to remove the raincoat out sleeves of the night suit were wet too! So as distressed set of parents we walked back to the raincoat shop and this time around picked up a dry set of night clothes!!!!

Oh not to miss a couple of hours before this incident Adi went down to play in the evening with his bicycle. I was amazed to see the alternate use of the trainer wheel. My son and his friends were using the wheel as their steering wheel. The 'vroom-vroom' vocals added to the excitement even more...

With his skills growing at such rapid pace I got excited and now have re-arranged my baby's shelves so that I can help him develop his fine motor skills as well as help him with his organisational behaviour. Have been advised by a lot of books as well as his school on these tricks. Hope they work!
Adi's also showing a lot of keenness towards music especially percussion. Thanks to all our family and friends he has been gifted with a lot of musical instrument which I know will help him bond with the art form. As for his spacial interest in percussion I am sure that the percussion set will keep him intrigued as well as engaged for a while to come. Thanku Ahaan, Shlok, Mathi n Metho! :)
Finally I have a task at hand to get Adi to begin using his activity books, the colours, the puzzles and read to him all the beautiful books (a gift I so deeply cherish and subscribe to be part of always). This is sure to keep him going for the next whole year! Was very thoughtful of all our friends...

So with renewed gusto for this wonderful milestone year "here I come"!!! :D

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