February 2, 2011

February Love- Part 1

Come February and the atmosphere all around suggests oodles of cuddles, lots of candlelight dinners and just pure romancing idea's!

I guess it's got to do with the crazy amount of marketing that's gone into making a 'Valentines Day' what it is in a country like that of mine where till date there are violent demonstration by political parties over the concept of PDA (Public Display of Affection)! So while we juggle between the violence of political play and apt responses from social bodies like  The Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose, and Forward Women who introduced the 'Pink Chaddi campaign'; I seem to fall prey to a barrage of romantic movies which can keep playing in a loop...

Here's a list of a few that tops my chart this season. :)

Sound of Music:

First up on my list is 'Sound of Music'. Possibly my first ever encounter with love as an emotion in motion picture!

"The hills are alive with the sound of music with songs they have sung for a thousand years..." sings Maria drowning the audience into captivating Alp's and wins not just the love of Captain Von Trapp but the world for decades on. No wonder the movie bagged the 38th Oscar's.

What can one say about a legend.

I began relating to the film with songs like 'Do re me...', 'raindrops on roses', 'The Lonely Goatherd' when I was 6

Moved onto feeling smitten with 'I am 16' when I was a teenager

And to the now when I am 32 I just cant stop being amazed at the intense portrayal of romance between Julie Andrew's and Captain Von Trapp.

An ever green film and I am sure I'll continue to love it beyond my grave!!!

You've Got Mail:

Next up on my list is the 1998 Nora Ephron's 'You've Got Mail'.

"I turn on my computer, I go online and my breath catches in my chest until I hear 3 lil words.................... 'you've got mail'..."!

Two business rivals who hate each other at the office but fall in love over the internet.
Hmmm...sigh...Can rattle out every dialogue in the film like how a 5 year old would with a Jungle Book!!!

Some stuff that I recall the moment I think of this movie: 

Original video of 'Dream' by The Cranberries
@the Supermarket
Kevin; this woman is the most incredible creature I have ever know!
Thank you for the daisies!
Blue birds fly: Finally meeting at the garden.

My stomach still churns (so much of blush) every time I hear Tom Hank's say 'Dont cry Shopgirl'!!!

Of course one can't forget:
Notting Hill
Pretty Woman
Sweet November
Music & Lyric

What a sucker for romance! :P

Keep watching this space for more...

If music be the food of life, play on...

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