July 30, 2010

Adi's doting grand-parent moments.

With every passing day the bond between Adi, my parents and my sisters is growing beyond words. It's amazing how the human mind identifies and associates with bonds from such an early age. Posting some loveable moments of Adi and his favorites...

Eating an apple with Dumma
Massage time with Dadu-bhai

Masti with Mashi
We share a speacial bond with Mesho

Evening at the park with Pinni & Mashi
Dumma-Adi moment... :D

Full-on pampering!

Dadu-bhai & Adi moment... :D
How much fun is that!!!

At times I wish I can hold onto these moments and not let if whisk past so fast.
Why does growing-up need to come to a human being so soon? ...


Tina said...

While looking at these pics I actually imagined Adi, a young boy, looking at this treasure trove of love; and you and Satya fondly taking him down memory lane; and flashes of his childhood appearing right before his eyes, making him feel like he was and is the luckiest kid around! Oh, what a feeling!

SuhaelAmrita said...

So true Tina. It's a feeling that all of us feel and know but still so unique to oneself. :)
Thank-you for dropping by and adding to the capture of this emotion.

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