July 26, 2010

4th july, 2010. Adi turns 2!

Adi turned 2 on 4th July. His birthday was first celebrated at Peace Montessorie with his friends and teachers. As a ritual, he carried a globe in his hand and circled along the blue line signifying the earth's journey around the moon. A large candle (aka the moon) was placed at the center of the room. He cut the cake and shared french fries as a treat for his friends followed by loads of pampering from his grandmom and aunt.

We visited the temple on the 4th. Adi had a time of his life with his grand parents as well as his aunts.

We had a fun party planned in the evening with a magic show, lots of games and yummy food for all our friends and family. It was a good get together with almost 100% of our guest list landing up. The kids enjoyed the magic show and they loved the tatoo's!


Finally it was time to open the gifts! I thought my baby would be exhasted after the day long chaos but he was an entertainer. Amazing where they get all this energy from. I simply attribute it to the heightened sugar levels in his system from the evening! 

This marks the end of my baby's funfilled birthday! I am so looking forward to being part of this milestone year and will keep posting our 'Mumma-baby' moments as well.


lexiconkids said...
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A s m i e said...

nice one Suhael !! pix are really beautiful ... !!

madhumati said...

congrats on the little ones Birthday big day Love and hugs and may he shine like a star always...

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