July 27, 2010

Playing 'Mumma' all the way...

Finally, I have been able to make that crucial decision of quitting. Never thought it could be so tough when I got back to work exactly a year back post my maternity break. Adi had just turned 1 and I thought life is getting back into some kind of predictability but surprises come in all sizes!

To be able to sit and jot my thoughts with such clarity in itself is a big leap in faith. I cant wait to go bug watching with my lil boy every morning at the park. Feels like I have turned over a new leaf again.

It does call for a lot of courage but truly I am happy that I can do exactly what my being wants to do... be a mother!

So from an extremely confused state of mind to a much clearer one I move on to take the challenge of my next life... :D 

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