October 26, 2010

Deepening my knowledge on Bharatnatyam

I have been researching on Bharatnatyam and hence Carnatic Music through the web while my Guru directs me with my practical knowledge on the art form through my rigorous riyaaz. Sharing a very interesting read on the oldest and perhaps the most orthodox form of rendition of the art- Bharatnatyam Pandanainallur style.

Pandanallur Heritage

While reading this article I also chanced upon a very well articulated post on Jathiswaram where the writer has simplified the complexity woven around this tukda which requires rigorous training and upasana by the performer through which they can achieve perfection. Take a dekho... I was very inspired!

Jathiswaram made simple

Happy reading! :)

October 21, 2010

Dhunuchi naach: my personal aroti to Durga Ma

The earliest memory of me doing Dhunuchi Naach goes back to as early as being 4. In a pandal near the big lake in Hyderabad, with my Dadu watching over me, I swayed to the rhythmic strums of the Dhaki's and the next vivid memory was of picking up a small silver trophy as a token of appreciation by the Pujo for my performance. I don't think there has been a year where I may have missed an opportunity to perform ever since. Now at 32 when I am asked how does it feel to win OR have I come first I have only one thing to say; this is my personal offering of devotion to Ma, it is not about competing but about being one with her through my dance...
The aroma of dhuno, the resonating sound of multiple dhak's calling out to Ma and that enigmatic face fills me with an emotion which is beyond words. All I can feel at that moment is thumping of my heart, my feet tapping and a surge to sway with the rhythm without loosing a moment. To me it is the sound of victory and the elation felt when good prevails over evil...

With this year now in the past all I can say is: 'Bolo bolo Durga Ma ki; Jai... Ashche bochor abaar hobe!!!'

Pictures courtesy: Mukesh Trivedi- Senior Photographer DNA and Samar Sengupta

October 2010

October 4, 2010

Ganpati bappa moriya...

This was Adi's first year of Ganpati celebration at home. It is a yearly festivity at my in-laws and finally we have got the strength to carry forward the tradition at our home from this year.

Buying the idol was amazing fun. We had a whole load of elphant god's we could choose from but being a toddler home we settled down for a very unconventional look- we brought home 'Bal Ganesha' (toddler elephant god). Our Ganesha was riding a scooty with his lil friend; the mouse, pearched at his feet looking a wee-bit scared at the thought of a joy ride with the Lord...un-charted territories I guess!!! :)

Satya did the Puja as per vidhi's. I made the prasadam at home.

Puliodhare, payasam and modaks (courtesy a friend) both rice n wheat. Post the puja we had friends who joined in for lunch which was served on banana leaves...We tried to make it as authentic as possible!

We had guests all trough the 1.5 days of celebrations.

Thank-you all for all the encouragement as well as being so enthusiastic! It has build up our apetite for a more funfilled occasion for next year...

Ganpati bappa moriya...pudhchya varshi laukar yeah!

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