October 4, 2010

Ganpati bappa moriya...

This was Adi's first year of Ganpati celebration at home. It is a yearly festivity at my in-laws and finally we have got the strength to carry forward the tradition at our home from this year.

Buying the idol was amazing fun. We had a whole load of elphant god's we could choose from but being a toddler home we settled down for a very unconventional look- we brought home 'Bal Ganesha' (toddler elephant god). Our Ganesha was riding a scooty with his lil friend; the mouse, pearched at his feet looking a wee-bit scared at the thought of a joy ride with the Lord...un-charted territories I guess!!! :)

Satya did the Puja as per vidhi's. I made the prasadam at home.

Puliodhare, payasam and modaks (courtesy a friend) both rice n wheat. Post the puja we had friends who joined in for lunch which was served on banana leaves...We tried to make it as authentic as possible!

We had guests all trough the 1.5 days of celebrations.

Thank-you all for all the encouragement as well as being so enthusiastic! It has build up our apetite for a more funfilled occasion for next year...

Ganpati bappa moriya...pudhchya varshi laukar yeah!


Tina Malkani Gholap said...

Beautiful! :)
Was the rangoli done by you??? its wayy awesome ... :)
2 thumbs up!! :)
Ganapati Bappa!! Morryaa! :)

SuhaelAmrita said...

Yeah Tina. Another skill inherited from my mother. This style of rangoli is called 'aalpona' in Bengali. Usually done with rice powder soaked in water but I chose the poster colours! ;)

Shanthi said...

Just hit your site and ganesh is my ishta daivam. He was so much at home here :-). And the rangoli is Awesome!!! Do u still live in Hyderabad ?

SuhaelAmrita said...

Thanks Shanthi.

We live in Mumbai. I am bengali and therefore comfortable with this style of rangoli. Merger of 2 different traditions. :)

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