February 18, 2008

Venus- Planet of love...

Wonder if u've had a similar situation like that of mine? My parents made sure that I come with 'no silver spoon' in my mouth and thus decided to name their first born 5kg fair baby girl Suhael, which means Venus- the planet of love!!! Began my tryst with vivid imaginations where my every first 'naming' moment are laced with curiosity as well as confused smirks and thankfully now followed by pleasant remarks! It’s been 29 years of explaining to all that while my name originates from Islamic origins and is vastly a name used for a male child, I am a living example of the feminine version of it! Sohel, Sohail, Soyal, etc are the various male adaptations BUT Suhael is not!!!! Thus, in my continued fight to overcome the initial barriers, I dedicate this blog to the original meaning of my name 'Suhael- Venus, the planet of love'; which is feminine & belongs to my gender, as a tribute to many of us who has had a harrowing time with your names! Share your experiences and let me know how you've managed to move on with the utter annoying yet sometimes funny state that surrounds your name.

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