February 19, 2008

To quit or not to quit?

My mind is running a marathon right now. The reward for which is motherhood!
Every trimester is a baton I have passed successfully to the next, which in this context is lap-2 of the race. While I am inching closer to the new half mark of my second trimester (lap-2), I just cant stop worrying about the pace of my immediate race contender in the parallel lane- 'Professional mommy to be' who is so rapidly loosing steam as compared to me- 'Mommy happy being home' and of course I cant begin to ignore the very competitive- 'Super mom juggling both' in the lead!
Delima? Do I need to say more?
'Super mom juggling both' is an epitome of success who is next to impossible to race with since she is way beyond our normal human DNA. She is probably the one who has a parent next door happy to run her home, a husband who willingly stays home while she sets out, a barrage of maids attending to all home needs and a very servant-smelling baby who is lost in anticipation of the mother figure, which probably he has yet to developed recognition for!
'Professional mommy to be' is struggling with the weight of the new found status and is very often not happy that she has to deal with the black world of work while she struggles with her set of anguish towards building that perfect family that she has dreamed of having ever since she can remember! I predict that she may give up sooner unless she has an ounce of what it takes to become ‘Super mom juggling both’!
'Mommy happy being home' bakes the cake and eats it too. She is an image most of us willingly or secretly always choose to acknowledge. While she is someone who all of us wants to resist, it’s not very far when we succumb to aspiring to become her while running the race! It’s a matter of time before most of us hit this state, either temporarily or forever!
So while choosing my marathon profile, I believe that I have all that it takes to be eligible for 'Mommy happy being home' since I have made my choice already. What I am racing against is the time in my life when I shall keep aspiring to be 'Super mom juggling both' and hopefully hit the successful stage of balancing the status of 'Professional mommy’ who is ‘happy being home'! :D
Would love to hear your views on this topic. Feel free to drop in a few comments on my site.


Sharmila Dasgupta said...

With the birth of a child a mother is born....

Well,I belong to a different generation and that is perhaps the reason I identify solely with the 'mom happy to behome'contender.

In every stage of our life we have to set our priorities right.When it is time for education, it is education alone and not marriage.When we consciously plan for a baby, our planning must also include getting adjusted to a totally different lifestyle (especially for the working women), where the baby is the sole priority.
Bringing up an infant requires a lot of courage, patience, adjustment and understanding. Unfortunately, these do not come as a 'paccage' along with the so called 'motherly love'.
Of course, in todays scenerio, one cannot afford to be at home playing 'mother' all the time. But, at least for the first year, mom has to be happy at home learning to be a mother and bringing up the child in the quality sense of the word.
Amrita, I tried to share my views with you....hope you won't find it too conservative.

Deepti said...

hey amrita..this is so nice.. never knew that u had ur blog too..
i loved ur intro aout yourswelf...
gr8 going... lots of love

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