February 18, 2008

80GB iPOD Classic

Closer to Valentines Day, Satya my husband, walked home with a really cute gift wrapped box. Since he got back a little earlier than usual decided to open the door rather than ring the bell. Thoughtful of him since I usually nap during the noon these days especially with all the weight I am putting on courtesy to our l’il angel in the making!
There was this familiar mischief on his face and after a really long time I could sense he is feeling very delighted about walking back home with a surprise; just like he used to when we were courting. Truthfully, the moment left me with a butterfly sensation in my stomach! God, wish I could store that look permanently.
Guessing was a task but when I actually held this piece of silver gadget in my hand I was just too awe struck to react. More than the gift it was the person who was gifting! From the days when we counted every 'chillar' in our pocket for paying for our basic daily travel to actually the feeling of that moment when I held this gift, which I'd always wanted but thought 'its expensive, maybe next month' every time I went shopping, left me absolutely numb. Maybe somewhere we have stopped expecting. Perhaps its growing-up and adulthood! I really don’t know what it truly is but surely know that someone cares like no-one else does! :D
Emotions are so precious and when people who joyously bond with it, it helps give birth to such a memorable moment.
In this era of 'making money for basic survival' somewhere we may have lost the touch of making each other feel special like we used to when we were younger. Could be hormones but with my first IPOD in hand I am elated that while the gadget has played the expensive mediator I've been able to store a memory so intense and deep that it truly is the 80GB memory. No matter how much I fill, the memory just doesn’t exhaust!
The reason I chose to name this post as '80GB IPOD Classic' is not because of the brand or its monetary value but for the amazing memory that it has left behind for years to come and has the same attributes like that of the product. EMOTIONS should never be under estimated or neglected. May all of us keep living the 80GB life! I love you Beba...

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