March 1, 2011

Instant splurge on 'Maati'.....Thank you 'Once Upon A Tea Time'!

Woke up this morning quiet miffed & muddled at the mundane routine of playing mother, wife and God knows what else.

The day began with on a ‘not so happy note' with my husband over my toddler followed by unnecessary banter over regular daily fusses. This was post my morning cup of chai (thank God), got lil boy ready for school and then felt miserable that I have changed so much as a human being...sulk...sulk...sulk! Just while I did manage to bring down my daily pace to a near zero on the meter gauge this post by 'Once Upon A Tea Time' brought by a ray of hope.

Sulk bubble 1 burst when I read that this beautiful shop called Maati (meaning Earth stands for the essence of nature and earth that’s imbibed into all handmade crafts in India) Crafts was only about 100 meters from my home (that's a big high for anyone remotely aware of Mumbai n distances)! So next thing was a quick shower and post my breakfast I was in my car driving to Maati...

Sulk bubble 2 burst the moment I stepped into the store. Greeted by dokra metal craft (I am very fond of this craft) from Madhya Pradesh (most popular in this n neighbouring states like Jharkahnd), textiles from Rajasthan, Kutch, Chennai and clay pottery as well! Yippie...all under one roof and so close to home! By now I was feeling partially rejuvenated but completely unsure of how much will I buy! There were beautiful ceramic magnets in the form of colorful butterflies and bugs. Little artifacts like sheep, turtles, Giraffe's (cutest of the lot) and elephants all in clay glazed ceramic finish; some amazing kurti's and sareer's; Flower pots, dinner/heat and serve ware, teapots n cups; bedspread, silk cushion covers, material.... WOW!!!!

Fresh daisies

Claypot, the kind I like!
Sulk bubble 3 burst when I picked up a couple of flower vases, a beautiful ceramic aroma decanter and a vegetable die bedspread for the house. On my way back I picked up some flowers (rajanigandha/tube rose, a stalk of red glad and some white daisies) all set to get the house ready for my beloved husband...a kind of mid week surprise...stuff I'd love doing when I was just a few years younger!!! :D

Displayed at another angle. This time with the aroma decanter.

The second vase for my Budha corner.
Well...expensive way to burst the sulk bubbles but hey, ian't that the way most women feel good?

Once upon a tea time, you just made my sulk day into a memorable one. Thank you!

Signing off feeling 'not as miffed' anymore!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello SuhaelAmrita,
I read ur blog after I saw its reference frm comment in MAATI FB.
I agree 100% with ur view and ideas ,as I also relax this way .I am a researcher in the field of Child Development, Nutrition and Inter-personal Relationships.Sounds quite intelligent way of saying i am HOUSE WIFE or HomeMaker.
I love to decorate my house and MAATI + FABINDIA ,these are few place I love visiting to come out of my frustration and routine life.
Its was so nice to read same story from somebody else ,so keep decorating and posting.


SuhaelAmrita said...

:) What a wonderful way to describe your profile!

Thank you for stopping by...I had just begun feeling guilty that I am not posting enough. Thanks for being the catalyst!

Do keep comming by...

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