December 7, 2010

8 important ornamets for Christmas and it's significance

Well, it is that time of the year when we celebrate the most loving team of the year...Christmas!!! I have always wondered the significance of use of ornaments on the tree and was delighted to chance upon the reasons.

Holly leaves symbolises Jesus crown of thorns and the red berries is his blood. According to the Roman culture, Holly symbolises the Sun God, Saturn, which keeps the Holly leaves fresh even during winters.

I love the way they smell...

Angel depicts the birth story of Baby Jesus and the Legend in which the angle plays a very important role in the birth of Jesus Christ. Angle had heralded the birth of Christ. Angel is often placed on the Christmas tree.

A tree without the shining angels looks so incomplete!

Star is the symbol of the guiding star which took the magi to the birth place of Jesus Christ.

Fir Tree is the second colour of Christmas and symbolises the omnipresent light and life. The needle of the fir leaves points at heaven.

Bells are to guide for the lost sheep to get back to the herb. This symbolises that for Jesus everyone is equal and he wants to guide all his children to the right path.

The light of candle is the symbol of the starlight which guided the magi to the birth place of Jesus Christ.

Christmas gifts are always tied into a bow and represent the strong bond among people.

Mistletoe symbolises peace and joy and also ensures a good next year. It is also believes that if a couple stands under the Mistletoe, they are supposed to kiss, to bring good luck to their relationship.

Of course, to top this if we have a beautiful chimney as part of the decor Santa sure feels easier to get! :) Ho Ho Ho.....Merry Christmas!!!!

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