June 2, 2010

I can smell rain in the air...

It's that time of the year when the clouds let their shower loose and weave into a harmonious prance; swaying with the wind they caress the hungry soil; find the soft green cocoon of the leaves and drop into an open shell to form that perfect pearl.

Rejoice monsoons here again!

The intimidating rumble announces the joy of droplets that are about to touch our lives. The excited winds gloats with triumph; here comes another monsoon that is about to bless earth with fertility and life.

And then it happens... the wait is no longer a wait! I rush out to feel the pierce of the first rain. The soil soaks in with equal glee. I stretch my arm to fell each drop trickle down my palm. I swing like a little canary and sing out loud while I drench myself making best of every bit of this long awaited moment. The thunder in its full glory strikes again and I rush back into the shelter of my home.

But not for long! As if teasing the clouds I rush back out and begin soaking again.

I wish I were a the wind, I wish I were the rain but then I thank God that I am me cause that's why the rain feels so special and so free!

My hair still dripping and my skins all crinkled; I think I've had my share of soak.

It’s time to hit the coffee mug and watch the swirls of steam mix in with the moist air. All soaked up and couched I look out from my window and enjoy nature unfolding its beauty.

Welcome back all you colourful umbrella's...

Come let us all celebrate...

Monsoon's here to stay!!!

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