May 18, 2010

I feel like lavendar today!

Lavendar is a pale tint of violet. It applies particularly to the colour of the flower of the same name. The colour lavendar can be described as a medium violet or a light pinkish purple. The complimentary colour of lavendar is Olive.
The term lavendar may also be used in general to apply to a wide range of pale, light, medium or greyish violet colours as well as some pale or light pinkish, magenta, or purple colours as well as some pale or light bluish, indigo colours.

The first recorded use of the word lavendar as a colour term in english was in 1705
The colour amethyst is a moderate transparent violet. It's name is derived from the stone amethyst, a form of quartz. Though the colour of natural amethyst varies from purple to yellow, the amethyst colour refered to here is a moderate purple colour most commonly associated with the stone. Some believe that the colour is there due to the presence of manganese while others have suggested that the colour could be from ferric thiocyanate or sulphur found in the amethyst stone. This colour may also be called as medium deep lavendar. it is deep rich medium violet.

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